The Top 10 Waterproof Running Jackets For Runners

The Top 10 Waterproof Running Jackets For Runners

A waterproof running jacket can be a difficult item to shop for. To select the right one, you have to find something that will successfully keep rain out but will also be breathable enough to stop you from overheating. Runners tend to sweat a lot, which means waterproof gear has to be chosen carefully so that we don’t trap ourselves in a sauna of our own making.

Remember that there is no such thing as bad running weather, only bad running gear! If you find the right coat, you’ll be able to run through whatever weather your neighborhood has in store. In this post, we’ll look at our recommendations for the top 10 waterproof running jackets you can find, with recommendations on which to use in different types of weather, and where to find them.

Under Armour Cloudstrike

Under Armour Waterproof Running Jacket

This waterproof running jacket boasts 100% waterproof protection, while also offering comfortable breathability. UA refers to their waterproofing solution as UA Storm technology, which is what this jacket uses to keep the elements at bay. The seams and zippers have extra protection, with a UA Storm flap along the front full zipper.

The jacket is comfortable enough to wear throughout your run. It has an attached hood with piping along the brim to keep its structure intact.

PRICE: £53.97


Inov-8 Ultrashell

The Ultrashell is a waterproof running jacket from Inov-8 that is their lightest possible waterproof layer. This jacket should only be used in climates where rain is expected, but it is not accompanied by cold temperatures. This jacket will not keep you warm! It is intended to only keep you dry, so you can race as fast and as light as you possibly can. The medium size of the model only weighs 83 grams in total, so that should give you an idea of just how light a layer it is. The fact that it can give total waterproof protection while being so light shows just how innovative the team at Inov-8 really can be!

PRICE: £130

BUY HERE at Inov-8

Under Armour Forefront

A second recommendation from Under Armour is their Forefront model. This model is slightly less expensive than the Cloudstrike but offers the same UA Storm waterproofing technology. It is 100% waterproof and has a mesh lining which gives it added breathability. It is a bit heavier because it also has windproof technology, keeping you warm in the worst of storms.

PRICE: £65


Brooks Canopy

On the more breathable side, this model from running apparel giant Brooks, offers “weather resistant” protection without trapping all your body heat inside. This is an important aspect of the jacket, because so many running raincoats overdo the water resistance to the point that nothing can get out of the jacket either.

There is an added feature that the jacket folds up into the shape of a small backpack that can be strapped across your shoulders when the rain clears.

PRICE: £80

Columbia Outdry

The Outdry model from Columbia is a serious rain jacket. If you are looking for proper running training, this may be too heavy. If you are doing a trail run in difficult conditions or can afford to spend most of your time at a hiking or walking pace, then this coat will keep you dry all day long. It uses the OutDry Extreme technology from Columbia and has taped seams and an adjustable hood. You’ll also have plenty of space in the waterproof zippered pockets to store any gear that you need to access. The OutDry technology is the same material that Columbia uses in their popular waterproof hiking and trail shoes, which give you an idea of how efficient this jacket will be at keeping the rain out.

PRICE: £155

Inov-8 Stormshell

Another favorite from Inov-8 is their Stormshell model. This one is slightly heavier than the Ultrashell model, weighing in at 175g. That means in addition to giving 100% waterproof coverage, you will also get a bit more protection from wind and cold.

The Stormshell also zips down into its own self-enclosed pocket, making it lightweight and packable for those days when you aren’t sure whether you’ll need a waterproof layer or not.

PRICE: £180


Asics Metarun

The Asics Metarun is a top-of-the-line waterproof running jacket. It is contoured to an athletic build so that runners can get the most out of a run, even on the rainiest days.

This model also incorporates reflective patches on the front and back as an added level of security for runners choosing to brave the elements in the dark.

PRICE: £69.99


Salomon Outline Gore-Tex

This model from Salomon uses Gore-Tex technology to ensure the rain stays out. In addition to being excellent waterproofing material, the shell is made from 100% recycled polyester making it a layer you can wear with pride while exploring in nature.

PRICE: £90.00


Five Mile Stormus

We’ve included this option for those on a budget, or for anyone who tends to ruin their outer layers quickly. This brand comes in under £15 pounds on Amazon, which means if you want something to throw in the back of your car to be used in a pinch, you won’t have to make a significant investment to do so. It will do the job of keeping the rain off of you, but don’t expect it to last long as the quality of this jacket doesn’t stand up to the other brands we’ve looked at.

PRICE: £34.95

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