The 5 Best Running Backpack for Those Going for the Long Haul

The 5 Best Running Backpack for Those Going for the Long Haul

If you are training for a gruelling ultra-marathon or are getting anywhere near a trail that doesn’t have support services like water fountains or public bathrooms, you are going to need a running backpack. These backpacks are used for carrying all types of gear. You might need significant water reserves, camping necessities for an emergency overnight stay, or extra food. You may also need to bring different types of clothes because the altitude or climate is going to change significantly during your run. 

Another category of runners that need to run with a backpack are commuters. If you are lucky enough to be able to run to and from your job, you will probably need to carry a change of clothes once you get there. There are some running backpack models that will be ideal for comfort, while not needing to focus on surviving the elements making them ideal for commuters.

Whatever your reason for needing to run with a backpack, this post will look at some of the backpacks that are available. It is important that you choose a backpack that has been specifically made for running rather than trying to strap on a traditional backpack. You need to be able to keep everything secure, without having to worry about losing items or causing unnecessary strain or discomfort. We hope these recommendations help you find a backpack that is the right one for you.

Inov-8 Adventurelite 

This backpack is all about comfort. The team at Inov-8 stress that the model they’ve designed has “zero-bounce”, which is essential to anyone wanting a backpack that won’t be a burden during a run. From the adjustable shoulder straps, the sternum strap, and the lumbar molding, this backpack has plenty of features that will ensure it stays in place.

When shopping for running backpacks, comfort is key. You want to be able to wear the pack while running for hours at a time. This means you should watch out for any areas of the straps or bottom of the bag that feel slightly uncomfortable. If they feel uncomfortable while you are standing still, they will painfully chafe after a 10-mile run! The Adventurelite focuses a lot on comfort, which will help keep you on the road longer.

The hydration capability is significant. There is a reservoir for a bladder of up to 2L, as well as space to store smaller water bottles on the outside.  

PRICE: £80.00

BUY HERE at Inov-8

Salomon Trailblazer

The Salomon Trailblazer is a great choice for anyone going for a day trip, whether that is a hike or a long run. The running backpack can also double for everyday use. Because of its versatility, it may not be the most performance-minded tool. Therefore this pack is much more useful for commuters looking to jog into the office, or hikers spending a couple hours on the trails.

The backpack is extremely lightweight and can hold enough water and gear to make it through a day trip. This is not a backpack to use on a multi-day trip, or even on a day trip that has the risk of unexpectedly turning into an overnight stay. It has a cozy harness and shoulder strap system that will provide comfort, while not attaching too snugly.

PRICE: £47.00


Camelbak Octane Dart 50oz

The Camelbak Dart has been a very popular running backpack with runners for years. This is a minimalist hydration pack that can be used for runs that don’t require much gear. The reservoir can hold a bladder of up to 50oz, which is just enough to get most runners through a few hours of intense training. In addition to the bladder pouch, there is a small outer pocket where you can fit some gels or other items. That means this option is for those that want to carry water, but don’t want to use a handheld water bottle or a hydration vest.

For some runners, such a small pack may seem insufficient. If you are in that category, there are several other models of Camelbak available. They are the leaders in this space, so be sure to research all they have on offer!

PRICE: £63.00


Under Armour Hustle 

The UA Hustle backpack is a popular item amongst UA fans. This backpack is comfortable, with adjustable straps made of their famous Heat Gear wicking material. It is also a very durable backpack and will help battle the elements wherever you are going.

A key feature of this model is that it has ample room for storage. Therefore, we don’t recommend it as a pack to use when training for a marathon or something in which running is the only activity you are going to do. While it can carry a lot of water and snacks, this backpack is better used for long hikes or trail runs in which you will want to stop for a lunch break. There is even a lined pocket inside that can fit a laptop, perfect for those looking to jog to work, unless they are planning to conduct an all out run on their way to the office.

There are also two external side pockets where you can store smaller water bottles for easy access as well.

PRICE: £55

BUY HERE at Under Armour

Osprey Daylite 

Osprey is a well-respected brand for camping and hiking backpacks. If you are going on a backpacking trip, especially if it is a multi-day trip with camping involved, you’ll definitely want one of their larger packs.

For runners, their Daylite model is a great option. It is a small and comfortable backpack that you can strap on for support during your run. There is space for a water bladder, so you can hook up a hydration system inside the backpack instead of having to continually find and open individual water bottles. It is large enough that you can fit other gear in as well, such as snacks or an extra layer of clothing. It is too small for anything more substantial, making it a day-tripper’s best option.

PRICE: £49.99


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