The Two Hottest Running Shoe Brands [Spring 2021]

The Two Hottest Running Shoe Brands [Spring 2021]

The world of running shoes never stops!

We know because we see the press release for every pair of running shoes that get launched by the major brands – at the moment that means we are seeing 2-3 new running shoe launches a week.

However, there are two brands that seem to have made the biggest waves in Spring 2021 and they are Hoka One One and Under Armour.

Hoka One One

Hoka have grown a solid reputation very quickly in the Running world and now their shoes are talked about in the same breath as the older and more established brands like Nike, Brooks & New Balance.

One of the big reasons for this is that they have made a big effort to ensure that all the shoes they release are of a high quality. They don’t look to just keep pumping out new iterations and new models of shoes for the hell of it, there model is firmly built around building good, high performance running shoes that people will keep coming back for.

Models like the Clifton & Rincon have been best-sellers on many running stores for years and each new iteration just gets better and better.

Add to that some of the newer arrivals that have been designed to match the highest performance shoes like the Rocket X and the Mach 4.

Bright colours that stand out might often be a signal of style over substance but that could not be further from the truth – Hoka One One running shoes are some of the best around right now.

If you have not tried a pair yet then you can take advantage of the very generous 30-day trial that the brand offers on its website.

You can buy a pair today, trial them for 30 days and if you are not fully satisfied you can return them for a full refund, no questions asked! That shows just how confident they are as a brand in the products they produce.

For us, they are the first place we look for new releases and we can wait to see what they have coming out in the rest of this year. If you have not yet given a pair a try then we recommend you take advantage of their current trial offer. If you are looking to place an order, don’t forget to browse for a Hoka One One discount code to save some money today.

Under Armour

Another brand making big waves in the running shoe market this Spring is Under Armour.

Whilst there are many people that are still surprised to hear the name Under Armour linked with high-end running shoes, serious runners have been taking advantage of their products for years.

The high profile shoes they have in the range at the moment are the Flow Velociti Wind – which come with technology built into the shoe that allows you to connect it to the MapMyRun app to provide you with detailed running metrics such as cadence, stride length and foot contact angle.

The shoes can also relay data in real-time to the app – which if you have connected to headphones allows you to get real-time in-ear coaching to help you improve your form on your run.

Whilst this might seem like a gimmick at first, it could end up becoming an important piece of kit for new runners or those who have struggled to improve their form after many months of training. We don’t think these will be the last of these types of tech in running shoes.

The other impressive thing about Under Armour running shoes is that they offer really good value. Most of the shoes are priced very competitively which is probably one of the main reasons they have become so popular with more casual runners and Park-runners.

If you have hesitated to give Under Armour a try because you don’t look at them as a brand designed for runners, now could be a good time to head over to their site with a open-mind and see if there are some shoes that can tempt you to give them a try. If you do take the plunge and decide to place an order, make sure you don’t miss out on an Under Armour discount code.

There are many more running shoe releases to come this year and we are excited to see what new shoes are going to tempt us to part with our hard earned cash but knowing us, we just won’t be able to resist.

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